Top Real Estate Podcasts

by Greg Barrett

We all spend time on the road, at the gym, cleaning the house, walking the dog, or laying in bed unable to sleep.  These are perfect times to turn to a podcast to learn something new. I’ve listed below my favorite real estate related podcasts.

My Favorite Podcasts

Real Crowd

Real Crowd is a real estate crowdfunding platform that brings together real estate sponsors and passive investors.  In addition to providing one of the best crowdfunding platforms, they produce a weekly podcast.  Most episodes are interviews with real estate sponsors.  Several episodes, however, feature real estate attorneys, market analysts and others. This is my favorite real estate podcast.

Cash Flow Connections

Interviews with leading investors, sponsors, and managers.  Hunter focuses his investing on mobile home parks; however, he discusses all the major asset classes.

The Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull has been producing the podcast for many years.  He interviews market analysts, the Fed, PwC, ULI  and operators within the CRE space.  He discusses trends and technologies impacting the CRE space.

Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

Kevin Bupp is an old school guy with a ton of experience and wisdom.  He focuses many of his discussions on real estate syndication. This podcast is best for small investors or those looking to transition from residential into commercial properties.

Bigger Pockets

An entertaining podcast on how to become a real estate investor. This podcast caters more toward residential real estate; however, you will find episodes here and there that are focused on commercial real estate.

Other Great Podcasts

Invest Like the Best

Although this podcast is not focused on real estate specifically (a few episodes focus on CRE), Patrick O’Shaughnessy delves into investment strategies and topics that are applicable to all investment asset classes. I learn something new each time I listen to this podcast.

C.R.E Podcast

This is a Canadian podcast.  I think it is beneficial to hear a slightly different perspective on the challenges, opportunities, technologies, and strategies impacting CRE – this podcast provides that.

The Alternative Investor

Grayson and Brad educate investors on how to find and evaluate quality alternative investments (any investments other than stocks & bonds).  They focus their discussion on real estate, private equity, and venture capital.

If I’ve left off a podcast that provides great real estate focused content, please let me know.

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