Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Blogs

by Greg Barrett

Here is my list of the top 10 commercial real estate blogs for 2021. Each of these blogs has unique and insightful content. They each produce high-quality information on a consistent basis.

National Real Estate Investor

A very comprehensive compilation of articles about all areas of the commercial real estate space. They cover trends and research across all product types. I’d suggest reading their magazine as well.

Property Metrics

Property Metrics’ primary business is commercial real estate analysis software, but they’ve created a very informative blog. It is the go-to place to find definitions, formulas, and other technical information.

A Student of the Real Estate Game

Written by Joe Stampone, a real estate operator who works for an entrepreneurial shop. He primarily focuses on the multifamily product type; however, he’s very well versed in a variety of asset classes. In addition to his blog, he has created a few resources for the aspiring real estate entrepreneur and those looking to invest passively in CRE.

Green Street Advisors: The Spotlight

One of the top independent commercial real estate research and advisory firms, this blog has a large selection of information about CRE trends and economic information. They provide a high level overview of what is going in CRE and how REITs are performing.


As the largest commercial real estate services firm, CBRE has access to a ton of data, research, and insights from people around the world. The blog provides a comprehensive look at the industry from many angles.

Origin Investments

Origin investments is a Chicago based multifamily investment firm. Although I’m not intimately aware of the firm, I’ve always been impressed by what I’ve seen from a distance. Their blog is no different. They provide high quality articles on the basics, and some advanced topics, of CRE investing for passive investors interested in private investment vehicles.

The Tenant Advisor

Written by Coy Davidson, an office/medical office broker in Texas, Coy has broken down many of the nuances related to office and medical office leasing. In my first CRE job, I visited this blog on probably a weekly basis, because it was the only place to find information about the details of leasing office space.

Urban Land Group

The Urban Land Institute is one of the premiere CRE trade organizations. The Urban Land group also publishes a magazine that is distributed quarterly; this is also worth checking out.


Crexi is a marketing and transaction management platform for property sales and leasing. The blog covers the latest in CRE news and trends.

If I didn’t think my blog should be in the top ten, then I should take it down. Hopefully you agree!

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