Recommended Books for the CRE entrepreneur

Here is a list of books I've found to be well worth the money and time. I've listed them by category and in order of quality (according to me of course) within each category. Most of these books are in some way focused on real estate. They will help you develop a strong real estate foundation. Keep in mind, however, as I always say, learn about things outside of your chosen field - this will keep you well rounded and benefit you in the area of seeing opportunities and innovating.

Very good review of the real estate investment cycle. He covers a variety of topics and relates them to some of the of the deals made by well-known moguls. It's a little old (1999) but the principles and stories are timeless. I'm reading it right now for a second time, and I rarely read books twice (it's good).
An interesting set of stories and examples of real estate deals that a successful real estate investor has done. It’s not for the beginner nor is it a how-to book. It will give you examples of how to think outside the box to get transactions done.
Very few academic textbooks are dedicated to real estate investments. This textbook, written by William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher, is frequently the textbook of choice for real estate professors at MRED programs. I'm not a big fan of textbooks because typically it's hard to transfer the knowledge to real word situations; however, if you are to read one "academic" book, I would choose this one. PS. Go to my freebies page to download the pdf for free!
For the more advanced real estate professional, this book breaks down the real estate lease into it's parts. Despite the subject matter - which could put most people to sleep - the author does a good job of keeping it entertaining. The book does a good job of describing the key clauses found in most commercial leases. It's the only decent book I've found on the unsexy yet crucial lease.

My Favorite Business Books

A classic on people, influence and persuasion. I’m sure you’ve read it, but if you haven’t then grab a copy ASAP. This is a must-read . . . unless you plan on spending your life in a closet. Real estate is changing, but it's still a relationship business. Those with the best relationships will usually find the best deals and be most successful.
You won't find this on many book lists; however, this is a great book on how to get from being run by your business to running your business the right way. I read it in college for an entrepreneurship class, but I have referenced it many times throughout my career.
Ray is the most successful hedge fund manager ever and he has outlined the values strategy by which he has built his company and lived his life. He describes a variety of subjects, from neuroscience, to how he navigated through a number of business cycles, to how he built and ran the largest hedge fund.
A classic on business strategy, this book focuses on how agile small companies are able to out-innovate their incumbent peers. The ideas transcend the technology and general business fields it covers and applies directly to how real estate entrepreneurs can outperform their behemoth competitors.
A brilliant business book outlining the challenges and pitfalls that startups and business owners face. Despite written more for tech startups, the challenges and principles described in this book directly relate to anyone starting a business. If you plan to start your own business, read this first!
Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and behavior economics- the author describes through examples and case studies- how high-achievers are able to attain such success.