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I hope this blog challenges, inspires, and motivates you to do something meaningful.

What is CREentrpreneur?

CREentrepreneur is a resource run by me, Greg Barrett, to provide information, tools, and insights to real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. On this blog I share my thoughts on the investment strategies, trends, and innovations impacting the commercial real estate space.

In addition to the original content that comes from my mind, I have provided materials for download and links to other materials that you will likely find valuable. I hope this site will become one of your go-to educational resources.

Who Should Read CREentrepreneur?

I define a CREentrepreneur as any individual who assumes the risks and rewards associated with enterprising within the commercial real estate space. Entrepreneurship within the CRE ecosystem can take many forms, most often, entrepreneurship takes place within existing real estate firms - where employees find ways to add value and drive innovation. CRE entrepreneurs are also those who find, fund, and buy their own real estate properties.

You don't have to own a portfolio of dozens of commercial properties to benefit from this blog. This blog is for everyone from the college kid hoping to land a job in real estate, to the real estate executive hoping to innovate within her firm. If you hope to own your own company, and invest in commercial properties - this is for you. CREentrepreneur covers everything from real estate fundamentals, to real estate technology disruption, to investing techniques and strategies. It provides a framework for the knowledge and skills one must develop in order to build their real estate empire.

What Inspired me to Build CREentrepreneur?

My primary goal is simple, to share what I've learned about commercial real estate, to help others achieve success. I built this blog in response to the many people who have asked me how to break into and thrive in a career in commercial real estate.

Traditional methods of investing in real estate are quickly changing. Big changes are taking place in technology, construction techniques, consumer behavior, transportation, and the way real estate transactions are funded. Change means opportunity to those that can peer into the future and act. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Plus, as you know, real estate is a relationships business and what better way to build my network than expose my knowledge and ideas.

About Me

Greg Barrett

Creator | Editor

I am the creator and editor of CREentrepreneur. I started the blog in 2016 as a means to share what I've learned, build my network, and to create something I can call my own.

I've been fortunate to hold a variety of roles throughout my career. I've predominately focused on asset/portfolio management side of the business. Currently, I oversee a portfolio of commercial assets for a San Diego based real estate private equity firm. Prior to that, I was director of asset management for Realty Income Corporation, a publicly traded REIT located in San Diego, CA. I've also been in brokerage, sales, marketing, management and operations roles.

I hope you enjoy the content I've provided. Please comment, share, and connect!
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